About the University Consortium for Liberia

Our mission is to help provide brighter futures through education and understanding.

The University Consortium for Liberia (UCL) is dedicated to coordinating diverse academic efforts between Liberia and the global community. Since 2009, we have collaborated with students, university faculty, and other academic professionals to increase learning in Liberia and the United States. If you are interested how to cite movies in text, use that link: bestcustomwriting.com/blog/how-do-you-cite-a-movie-quote/, and you are never any trouble.Cynthia Lynn Blandford, the Honorary Consul General for Liberia in Atlanta, formed UCL with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Washington D.C. and is the president of the Atlanta-based organization.

We facilitate exchanges between Liberia and the US that consist of:

  • Students studying abroad in both countries.ssu pic 1
  • Faculty leading and engaging in service learning.
  • Partners participating in research and workshops.
  • Academic institutions providing scholarships.

Our members engage in:

  • Collaborations on projects and initiatives.
  • Joint fundraising and grant writing.
  • Sharing ideas with the general public.
  • Assessments of Liberia’s rebuilding progress.
  • Briefing the Liberian Ambassador and other officials.


Any college, university, academic institution, or organization with an academic focus and interest in Liberia is eligible to participate in UCL.

Download the UCL Brochure

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