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GSU Launches an All Children Reading program for Liberia

December 15, 2015
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Under the leadership of Dr. Gwen Benson, the Georgia State University (GSU) College of Education in partnership with a Global NGO in Monrovia, Liberia proposed to launch an All Children Reading site at two schools in Liberia, West Africa, one a co-educational K-12 private school and the other a K-12 private institution for girls. Both schools include a representative cross-section of indigenous groups in Liberia.

The proposed All Children Reading project, Promoting Early Achievement in Reading for Liberia (Project PEARL), will provide cutting edge reading strategies through technology-based innovation in the form of interactive learning video presentations (DVDs) alongside companion education kits (training materials and workbooks) that are grounded in current best practices for early reading instruction as well as designed to keep students highly engaged and excited about reading.

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