The University Consortium for Liberia (UCL) coordinates diverse academic efforts between Liberia and the global community. Since 2009, we have collaborated with hundreds of students, university faculty, and other academic professionals to increase learning in Liberia and the United States. The University Consortium for Liberia (UCL) provides scholarships to students, faculty and student exchange, study abroad and service learning opportunities between Liberia and partner and member organizations around the world!

Our mission is to help provide brighter futures through education, and understanding.

Our Purpose and Goal

Under UCL, American faculty and students have participated in Faculty Exchange, Study Abroad, and Service Learning experiences providing teaching and training, technical assistance, and capacity building and in doing this, these students have engaged in practical use of their education and studies.
Likewise, Liberian students have received full U.S. scholarships in pursuits of Undergraduate, Master’s Degrees and PhDs with the opportunity to apply what they have learned on campus back home in their communities. The UCL has conducted international conferences, joint research and written grant applications that help to strengthen their programs and initiatives.

The Way Forward

Our consortium is comprised of 18 Institutional Partners from the United States and Liberia. To see a full list of the UCL Institutional Partners visit the UCL Institutions page.


We welcome donations of every size, big or small. Every contributions helps the UCL get closer to our goal, and with your help we can get there. To make a tax deductible donation today visit our Donations page.


Throughout the year, we host a variety of meetings and events. Contact us to become a volunteer. We also have Internship and Fellowship opportunities.

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