Year of the Diaspora

The UCL is excited to support the Year of the Diaspora Reunion 2021/2022 which aims to celebrate 200 years of that movement. After 40 years of a slow-down, Liberia is excited to welcome Africans in the Diaspora home again. Situated on prime real estate along 360 miles of unbroken coastline and the largest remaining portion of the upper Guinea rainforest, Liberia will host the Bi-Centennial Celebration of Resettlement by inviting Africans in the Diaspora, specifically Liberians and African Americans, to the greatest reunion ever as we introduce Liberia as a tourist destination. This is also an invitation to join in the rebuilding of the only nation in Africa founded as a safe-haven for freed blacks from all around the world.

This annual program aims to strengthen Liberia’s economy by advancing trade, driving investments and the tourism sector. Moreover, through a series of investment summits, the program will also offer the opportunity for participants to build networks for business, investment in Liberia and West Africa. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Liberia and celebrating homecoming 2021-2022.

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