10 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

10 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

March 14, 2017
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World of Tanks
WoT is for everybody from 7 to 70 years! Truly popular game was created in Belarus. And fans of the World of Tanks would have been even more, if not for the fact that a considerable and most attractive piece of technology is available to gamers only for real money.
The fighting in WoT lasts about 15 minutes, and most importantly, they can leave without any damage for themselves. Slow dynamics is the biggest disadvantage of the World of Tanks. The technique somehow viscously moves, and as it is necessary to constantly hide, the fight is even more stretched.


10 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
A game in the style of fantasy, based on the books of the popular writer JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings). The actions of the game unfold exactly after the completion of the previous part – Shadow of Mordor. In the new game, a proprietary memory system has been preserved, in which orcs inhabiting the evil country of Mordor grow, rising in skills and memorizing their meetings with you. A random orc, committing a successful evil in your direction, increases its reputation, promotes the faction and meets you again in a new guise. All this is done to create interesting in-game stories between different characters and you. Such Santa Barbara in Mordorsk.
The available materials (screenshots and video recordings of the beta version of the game) allow us to state with certainty that this game is deservedly included in the top 10 of our rating. Drawing landscapes, animating water and sky, detailing models of characters – all this is done at the highest level. A superbly thoughtful game world will completely immerse you in the enchanting universe of the Lord of the Rings. Exit the game is scheduled for October.
Star Wars Battlefront ll
Next in our list of the best games on the PC is the autumnal intergalactic-laser hit from Electronic Arts – the sequel to the game of 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront.
The main problem in Battlefront EA was the lack of a real campaign based on the history, but Battlefront II solved this problem. You will try the boots of the commander of the empire of Eden Versio, on whose eyes the second star of Death burns. Versio gives a vow of revenge. You will fight for this revenge for 30 years, throughout the Star Wars, and you will also play for Kyle Rin and Luke Skywalker.
In Battlefront II again a big emphasis is placed on the multiplayer game. 40 live contenders, battlefields with a fantastic scale will cover all three eras of films. The main battle will unfold in space. The continuation of the epic epic is scheduled for November.

Destiny 2
The joyful news – the sequel Destiny 2 will be released on the PC! Briefly about what awaits us. The game was created in the format of an online first-person shooter. With the ability to fight both against other players and against the environment (PvE, player versus environment). In the latter mode, you will explore new planets that the developers have added. You are waiting for the moon of Saturn Titan, the moon of Jupiter Io, the planet Nesus and Earth Europe (which in the original was PvP only).
According to the plot, the Red Legion under the leadership of Dominus Goula destroyed the Tower. Guards are forced to go to explore other worlds, find a new home, restore contact with the Light, get new equipment and return the City. As in the first part, the game will be available three main classes: Titan, Warlock and Hunter, each with its own unique set of characteristics and skills. Judging by the screenshots and reviews of players who have mastered the beta version of the game, this is a real online hit, which definitely deserves your attention – http://ucliberia.com/2017/02/technical-universities-and-game-development-studies-trends-for-2018/.

Need for Speed: Payback
EA may not have a license for the movie The Fast and the Furious (in Russia known as “Fast and Furious”) to develop the game, but Need for Speed certainly looks like a mirror image of this insanely-car style franchise. We have a new story, where we play in a team trying to demolish an underground cartel. And something suggests that we will demolish with the help of a super-car.
The last attempt of the series to restart the same name for Need for Speed, was not too successful, so maybe it’s time for something new. Plus the franchise has spoiled its latest narrative line “Need for Speed: The Run” and will have to be told from scratch. But we are optimistic and believe that Payback will be able to return the series to the system of racing super hits on the PC in 2017.

Wolfenstein ll: The New Colossus
The first part of the reboot of the original Wolfenstein of 2004, Wolfenstein: The New Order, people took on “hurray.” The game has collected a lot of enthusiastic reviews from game critics and game magazines. The game became an unconditional superhit. And very soon we will be able to enjoy the second part. It is to enjoy, because, all that is so fond of us, will return: it’s the main character John Blaskovitz, who miraculously escaped on the submarine after the first part. Return and the girl’s main hero, wearing in his belly heir to the main character. According to the plot, we have to unite the groups of insurgents populating alternative Nazi America in 1961, and to give battle to the Nazis, headed this time by the evil Frau Engel – she also returned from the first part. Exit the game from MachineGames and Bethesda is scheduled for the end of the app. Try new games from MachineGames here!

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